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Biography - Brian Cascarano

Aerospace engineer by day, jazz cat and party animal by night, Brian knows how to get a crowd groovin' through the rafined mastery of his instrument... referring to the sumptuous sounds of his six-string, of course.. (sorry ladies, he is already taken..)

A man of many passions, with interests ranging from Kendo and Senshido to piloting, scuba-diving and much to Paul's dismay: swing dancing , this guitarist's musical style is just as diverse. With some 20 years background in classical guitar, he has taught himself multiple muiscial genres such as funk, rock, blues and jazz through his multiple gigs with choirs, for weddings, and through other bands such as Zoot'n'Zack and the Mooks (ZZM). He will enjoy and play just about anything, from classical to hard rock, funk to progressive rock, just as long as it's not country music... where if he hears another song in the likes of "Oh I have a big red truck and on that truck I have some chickens!", he vows to break something... or someone... no really, don't even think about it...

Where there is a party to be had, this night owl is surely around, and as part of the Jello Shots, he makes it happen.

One last thing: Cookie Monster RULES!