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Biography - Nick Thompson

Easy to get along with: Check... Subservient to the music: Check... Kick as drums: Check. What more could you ask for? With truckloads of shuffle and swing Nick is the engine that drives The Jello Shots' train and keeps you stomping on the dance floor and crying out for more.

Always a consummate professional, Nick Thompson is glad to be able to lay down some swingin' grooves and keep everyone moving all night long. Whether it be rock or jazz or funk or soul, music is one thing that in his heart will never grow old. Nick's professional experience has brought him to a very hopeful moment in his life, playing with a multitude of musicians and groups including the very excellent and tasty (and a personal favorite) Jello Shots; it seems as though the horizon that lay ahead is boundless and full of treasures waiting to be lived.

In the last 6 years of his life, whilst his formal music training ensues, Nick has had the pleasure of playing with multiple big bands (including a position in Kamikaze Mustang's final days) as well a spending 5 months as the show band drummer on a Holland America Cruise Liner. He has also been the leader of his own band featuring his compositions and played in a multitude of cover bands all while nurturing a healthy reputation as a dependable last minute substitute, sometimes learning some 40 songs in less than a week.

Hope you're ready? Let's hope so, because he won't stop until you've busted a move. Or, perhaps when the song ends, in which case another number will commence shortly.

Expression: Well then.
Food: Egg Salad Sandwiches, the way mom makes em.
Movie: Forrest Gump
Music: Everything except progressive rock and most metal... too much fuggadugga
Activity: Romantic strolls on the beach with wind going through my hair.
Beverage: Beer

Food: Subway (Dagwoods kicks your a$$)
Movie: don’t remember, fell asleep...
Beverage: Tea
People: Selfish and inconsiderate people.